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Pledge Your Support – Install a CFL!

April 20, 2007

19 April 2007 – Have you seen the new mini-twist helical CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) that replaces a standard light bulb?

They use 75% less energy!

A 60-Watt equivalent CFL only uses 13 Watts and in summer will reduce your air conditioning load as well.

Over it’s life, it will save you about 15 to 20 times it’s cost.

If your home or business has plans to use these or any other “Energy Star” light or lamp, please add your support to millions of others who have pledged their support!  It only takes a second!

A friend of mine who works at the world’s largest recycler – Nucor – emailed me the pledge URL.

Thank you for pledging to be “green” this year in your personal life,



Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

March 24, 2007

23 Mar 2007 – Want to personally make a difference in the world?  Replace your incandescent bulbs with new compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s).  Use this  easy CFL Energy Calculator to see how much money you can save!  Just input information about existing incandescent lightbulbs and proposed compact fluorescent lamps for a certain area of your home or business – to see the payback period on your investment and your savings!

The Light Bulbs Etc. company also sells a wide variety of CFL’s in various sizes, shapes, and quantities.  Their prices seem reasonable, if bought in bulk.  They sell CFL’s in the range from 15 to 500 Watt equivalents.

You can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20 Pounds Today

February 27, 2007

26 Feb 2007 – Are YOU personally doing your part?  Forget about pointing fingers at industry for a moment.  What is one simple way you can eliminate production of 20 pounds of greenhouse gases today?

Here’s how.  Prevent just one gallon of gasoline from being burned.  That’s right.  Eliminate a trip.  Combine trips.  Carpool to work.  You figure it out.

Whether businesses or individuals, we don’t ask others to go the extra mile, unless we are willing to do it ourselves!  That’s where it has to start.


Beyond cost savings – energy reduction spells pride in a low impact lifestyle

January 31, 2007

Energy savings is more than cost savings.  Sure we save money when we turn off equipment and lighting we don’t need, but there is more to it than that.  We just, plain, do more – with less!  We are efficient.  And we know it!  It’s not about energy at all, is it?  It’s about pride and confidence.

We are proud of our low impact life that does not lack in quality.

But beyond that, we are leaders.  Others evaluate what we do.  And we do stuff others only dream of doing, but with less resources.  We have to be at the top of our game in all aspects if we are to influence others.

Thank you all for having the passion to believe in energy and resource conservation, plus having the desire to be the best at it !

Resource & Energy-saving “Virtues”

January 27, 2007

I absolutely enjoy meeting and knowing people who daily finds ways to be energy-efficient and who use only the minimum amounts of resources needed to achieve their goals.  To me, it says this person is organized and has virtue, that somehow they have fine-tuned their life so they can focus on these higher, unselfish values.

If this person is also cheerful, spontaneous, open to new ideas, and does not abandon responsibilities in other areas of life while pursuing these, then they are doing one awesome job!  It is fun to hang around these folks, just to see the amazing things they seem to accomplish!

Here’s some strategies for you to identify opportunities in your life:

  1. Observe your habits and processes closely.  Compare these to others.  Isn’t it easier to use their already successful ideas than to create your own?!
  2. Think “outside the box”.  Transform the process.  Innovate a major paradigm shift in your routine!
  3. Now modify and conceive improvements to these major shifts, even if just small steps in the right direction.
  4. Safely add or eliminate steps – for efficiency.
  5. Consolidate trips to the grocery store, shopping mall, concert, movie, game, fuel-filling station, library, church, etc.
  6. Plan to do it right the first time.  Remember that it takes more energy and resources to redo or correct bad planning and inadequacies later.
  7. Know that your efforts have reduced resource and energy usage.  Enjoy your success for being a part of the solution!  Future generations can now use that resource which you have not wasted!

Are there many who already make this kind of effort?  Do the majority only concentrate on one resource these days: Time?