“Re-Lamp” or “De-Lamp” my T12 Fluorescent Fixtures?

8 Feb 2007 – Not only will new T8 fluorescent lamps install into old T12 fixtures, but when you replace your old magnetic ballasts with new electronic ballasts – you can also “de-lamp” to save more electrical energy and more easily justify the payback on the changeout.  Read on.

Okay, let’s say you currently have 4-foot, 4-lamp fluorescent fixtures in your home or business and you want to change to more efficient lighting.  Here are two different solutions:

  1. Re-Lamp.  You can replace the four T12 lamps with four T8 lamps; and also replace the two 2-lamp magnetic ballasts with one 4-lamp electronic ballast.  This can gain you a 40% efficiency improvement because the T12 system was providing about 65 lumens per Watt (LPW) and the new T8 is getting about 100 LPW!
  2. De-Lamp.  You can replace the four T12 lamps with two T8 lamps; and also replace the two 2-lamp magnetic ballasts with one 2-lamp electronic ballast with high ballast factor.  Previously the 4-lamp T12 fixture was using 144 Watts.  The new 2-lamp T8 system is now using 64 Watts!  An energy savings of 56% !

If you decide to De-Lamp from four 4-ft T12’s to two 4-ft T8’s, the following four-foot Sylvania system will save you a lot of research and testing, while providing you or your company with some outstanding results:

Two-lamp ballast:  QHE2x32T8/UNV ISH-SC, and Lamp:  Octron FO28/841XP/SS/ECO

“ISH” stands for Instant Start – High ballast factor.

If you decide to just re-lamp with four lamps, get an ISL or ISN instead of the ISH or you will have much more light (and use more Watts) than you actually need!   If you have questions, please comment!

See also:  Fluorescent Lighting Being Phased Out

Good luck with your lighting transformation; and congratulations on saving energy and money!

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