Cold nano-Fusion

Future energy solutions await us.  And Cold nano-Fusion might be one of them!  But it is doubtful that you have heard of it yet.  Still only a concept, Cn-F is under investigation by the world’s top scientists.

Successful applications of advanced nanotechnology have previously led to revolutionary transformations in material science.  Now power-generation could be next.  On a molecular scale, combining hydrogen molecules may be simpler.  Stay tuned.

Don’t look to Cn-F solving any of the world’s energy issues anytime soon.  Extreme resource-using energy solutions, such as biofuels and ethanol production, are currently getting the nod for tax breaks and research & development monies.  Aside from that, the hydrogen [fuel cell] economy is waiting in the wings for the next shot at the funds.

Next in line, this Cn-F hydrogen economy would lead to a wonderful world indeed:  no pollution (other than thermal) and no carbon dioxide emissions!  Try to spray that, without sputtering.

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