Top 10 Ways to Save Fuel in Your Car

Top 10 ways to save fuel while driving your car.

Fuel Savings Tips – by Lars  Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Time the green lights.
  2. Coast up to the Stop sign or red traffic signal as soon as you see it change.
  3. Don’t brake while going down hills.  Take advantage of gravity (free energy) and let your car speed up.
  4. Maintain a steady speed on highways.
  5. Too fast or too slow on a highway – burns more fuel.
  6. Coast around curves.  Don’t accelerate and don’t brake.
  7. Car cold?  Don’t sit there waiting for it to warm up – just go.  You’re the cold one; the car can tolerate it!
  8. Don’t haul stuff around in your car!  Think how much energy it would take you to walk up that hill if you were carrying all that stuff on your back!
  9. While waiting at the drive-up window or for a train, shut off your car!
  10. All those electrical accessories take power.  The power is pulled from the car engine by your alternator.

Thanks for saving gas, gasoline, petro, petrol, petroleum, oil, fuel, biofuel, diesel, biodiesel, soy diesel, ethanol, propane, natural gas, hydrogen – or whatever you use.

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