Push for Energy-Efficiency in your Company

If your place of business is an energy-intensive one, here are some ideas for you.

Every successful company shares the same three traits:
1.  A clear vision and strategy that everyone in the company understands.
2.  The right processes in place to drive that vision to results.
3.  The right people to implement those processes.

If your vision is to be the best, then your energy strategy is clear:  shut off what is not needed; find ways to reduce or eliminate everything else.

Are the right processes in place to drive that vision?  Are improvement ideas shared with someone who will make a difference?

Do you have the right people?  Do they concern themselves enough to make the small efforts necessary to turn off equipment, water, lights, etc. immediately after a process is shut down?  Does your supervisor support you and your energy efforts?  Does anyone believe it is “someone else’s job” to do it?

The key to better products and services, and a more viable company is the choice to be energy-efficient.  Be a leader; step it up; and speak out on energy ideas!

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