Resource & Energy-saving “Virtues”

I absolutely enjoy meeting and knowing people who daily finds ways to be energy-efficient and who use only the minimum amounts of resources needed to achieve their goals.  To me, it says this person is organized and has virtue, that somehow they have fine-tuned their life so they can focus on these higher, unselfish values.

If this person is also cheerful, spontaneous, open to new ideas, and does not abandon responsibilities in other areas of life while pursuing these, then they are doing one awesome job!  It is fun to hang around these folks, just to see the amazing things they seem to accomplish!

Here’s some strategies for you to identify opportunities in your life:

  1. Observe your habits and processes closely.  Compare these to others.  Isn’t it easier to use their already successful ideas than to create your own?!
  2. Think “outside the box”.  Transform the process.  Innovate a major paradigm shift in your routine!
  3. Now modify and conceive improvements to these major shifts, even if just small steps in the right direction.
  4. Safely add or eliminate steps – for efficiency.
  5. Consolidate trips to the grocery store, shopping mall, concert, movie, game, fuel-filling station, library, church, etc.
  6. Plan to do it right the first time.  Remember that it takes more energy and resources to redo or correct bad planning and inadequacies later.
  7. Know that your efforts have reduced resource and energy usage.  Enjoy your success for being a part of the solution!  Future generations can now use that resource which you have not wasted!

Are there many who already make this kind of effort?  Do the majority only concentrate on one resource these days: Time?

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