Fluorescent lighting being phased out

Jan 26, 2007 –  T12 fluorescent lighting is on the way out.  T8 and T5 fluorescent lighting is in.  Convert your old T12 lighting fixtures over to T8 lighting now!

In the United States it is reported that on July 1, 2010 manufacturers will no longer be able to sell the familiar T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures and ballasts.  Industry has moved to a more efficient version of fluorescent lighting called T8.  How are the two different?  The new T8 tubes have a smaller diameter: 1-inch vs. 1.5-inch, but more importantly, they are brighter and use 45% less energy than the old lights!

If your current fluorescent lights are in need of tubes or ballasts, it may be more economical to switch to the new lighting now.  The new T8 tubes are designed to fit into old T12 fixtures, however, the T12 magnetic ballast must be replaced with a T8 electronic ballast.

26 Feb 2007 update:  Check out this post for a 56% energy savings solution.

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