President Bush State of the Union address tonight: ENERGY

Jan 23, 2007 – There may be some surprises in tonight’s State of the Union address when President George W. Bush speaks of the many energy concerns of the United States of America.

Motor Vehicle Fuels

He will begin by reiterating the 2006 goal of energy dependence of the United States from Middle Eastern and foreign oil while pointing to those oil countries with increasing animosity towards the U.S., namely Iran and Venezuela.  He will continue by applauding industry efforts made in motor vehicle biofuel producton, such as plant-derived ethanol and biodiesel.  He will call for more biofuel facility development and likely will propose funding of energy technology and tax incentives for such purposes.

The President will explain the need for increased manufacturing of hybrids, flex-fuel and higher fuel economy motor vehicles:  cars, but especially trucks and SUV’s.  R&D for hydrogen storage and fuel cell technology may also appear in his talk.

Electrical Grid

In discussing U.S. electrical energy generation, President Bush may surprise the nation by connecting for the first time – atmospheric greenhouse gas buildup and global warming.  The recent global warming trend, which some scientists fear is reaching a “tipping point” from which this planet may not recover, is thought to be caused in part by increased levels of carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor in the atmosphere.

Mr. Bush will logically proceed into a recommendation for development of clean nuclear power plants in America – to lessen emissions of carbon dioxide, to support the electrical grid and to preclude future brown outs.  Clean coal and coal gasification, plus wind, solar and other renewables are also probable topics.

Stay tuned to your local news stations tonight for some broad-based and bold initiatives by the President of the United States.

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