Go Shopping with your home energy money!

Want to really save money on home energy costs and spend this money on something you would rather have!  Like a shopping spree?  Here’s how to do it.

First, recognize that energy enters or leaves your home because there is a difference in temperature between the outside and the inside.  We will refer to this as “delta-T”.  If the temperature inside your home is 72 deg F and the temperature outside is 32 deg F, then the delta-T is 40 deg F.

Second, energy enters or leaves your home faster when there is a larger delta-T.  So, if your home has a delta-T of 40 degrees and your neighbor’s home has a delta-T of 35 degrees, your home is losing [money!] faster than your neighbor’s.

Third, you can reduce your money losses by reducing delta-T.  Can you tolerate a zero delta-T?  Probably not for long if you live in an extreme continental environment like I do.  But I know you can tolerate turning off your furnace/AC thermostat control while you are asleep or working outside the home.  I know I can.

Here’s what I do.  When I go to bed each night, I turn off the heat or AC.  When I get up in the morning, I make myself comfortable and adjust the thermostat as needed.  Since I am one who is fortunate enough to have a job these days, I also turn off the thermostat while at work for 10 more hours.  When I return, I make my home comfortable again.

I don’t have one of those handy programmable themostats, but if I did, I could have my home already back to the comfy temperature I wanted – by the time I required it.  Find yourself a website such as this:


and buy a programmable thermostat, if that trips your trigger.  You will get at least a 25% return on your money – due to the energy savings.  Try getting that kind of return on your money consistently, anywhere!

Remember, you are not wasting energy by letting your home oscillate between hot and cold.  You ask, “How so; aren’t we still heating or cooling it back to the original temperature?”

Yes, we are… but because for extended periods of time we are reducing the driving force behind energy loss, the delta-T, we are reducing the amount of energy that flows through your home’s walls.  You never have to buy it in the first place, just to share it with the environment.

Why do we allow our homes to continue to use energy while we are not there?  Would we let our car run idling for 8 hours while we aren’t using or needing it?  No!  And neither should we allow our home to idle.  Turn it off!

Thanks for helping out your pocketbook and your planet.  And enjoy your shopping!


Okay, I am repeating myself: https://resourceful.wordpress.com/2007/01/10/hello-world/

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