Finding high gas mileage cars

Why is it more difficult now to find new high miles-per-gallon (mpg) cars than it was fifteen years ago?

Fifteen years ago you could buy a Geo Metro getting 50 mpg at highway speeds.  Now, the best you can get is around 42 mpg.  What is with that?  Can’t we make cars safer AND improve mpg?  We can send astronauts to the moon; we certainly should be able to do this!

Sure, if you want to spend considerably more, you can buy a hybrid.  Unfortunately the students, young couples, and retirees who seem to be the ones looking for fuel-efficient cars, can’t always afford the premium to buy these hybrids.

The Detroit Auto Show exhibits plenty of 300+ hp vehicles.  Wonderful engineering.  And those fuel guzzlers are getting more efficient, yes.  Just no improvements in the high mpg cars!  A decline, actually.

Once we require our elected officials and governments to mandate more high mpg vehicles, only then we will start seeing a trend toward cars getting better fuel economy.

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