A Vision of Hell


The attached video link has images which may be disturbing or shocking to you.  Please view with caution.

…but let’s start out rather benign, okay?  Listen up.

What are the reasons you buy a particular product?

Style?  Color?  Shape?  Features?  Great Price?  Country of origin?  “I just gotta have it!”?

There are many reasons.

But the following reason is NOT one of them, is it?

I realize my purchase is a “vote” for a company and country that, as a result, will gain more power to control our planet.

Why don’t we realize that the company or country we make successful – by our purchases – is one that has increasing power to control the laws that apply to our planet?

Not sure.  It certainly requires a much higher level of thought or reasoning, does it not?  How many of us are disciplined enough to make this effort; meet this challenge; and make responsible purchases – while relaxed or engaged in the thrill of the hunt for that special item!?

Okay!  Maybe a few of you.

But as you see, there is a much higher level of reasoning – when spending money.  I must find the products I need, AND I must be responsible to the planet.

Very simply, that’s it!

Check out the attached video link. As an example, Nucor Steel spends billions of dollars in environmental stewardship and doing what is right – for the worker and the community in which she or he lives.  As a company, Nucor embodies responsibility.

The short 3-minute CNN video shows the forces competing against a company such as Nucor!

Would you support the company or country in this video?  Well, directly or indirectly, you have.  WE all have; because we weren’t aware of their actions.  But now we are aware.  Global warming?  Heck no… global disaster.  Take a good look at this vision of hell, and be glad you don’t live there:


Be sure to responsibly buy products from responsible companies and countries.

That’s all for today.  Thanks for listening and thanks for taking care of our planet.


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