We Do NOT recycle…

Our lives are just way too busy to make the effort.

Sure, complain about the landfills and “why can’t someone do something about it?”

It is called laziness and disregard.  Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Here’s an easy plan for you lazy folks who wish they could recycle:

1 – Put your trash can in an area large enough for it, and three paper grocery sacks.

2 – In the first sack, store your cardboard from cereal, tissue, and corrugated boxes, plus the packing materials from all that Chinese-made crap you don’t need.

3 – In the second sack, store your paper from junk mail and newspapers, etc.

4 – The third sack is for your used beverage containers: beer, soda pop, milk, water, etc.  If you are a heavy drinker in one particular area, get a 40 to 50 gallon plastic trash can and store this in your garage or back behind the home.

5 – Recycle it all.  Thanks, you just helped out the planet.

Oh, BTW, it takes effort.

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