A New Terrorism

There is a new type of terrorism underway… threatening both animal and plant.

Most would brush it off because it does not resemble terrorism in any kind of normal fashion.

But this new terrorism threatens your livelihood and well-being more strongly than any attack on a large commerce organization or a city or large gathering.  The effects are certain, just not immediate.

This new terrorism directly threatens our environment and forests.  There are those who are intentionally starting fires and burning our forests.  These folks perpetrating the assaults know the direct consequences of their efforts will indirectly target the commerce by way of change to local climactic weather conditions.

Protection of forests is critical to the success or failure of civilizations.  Forests moderate the weather, smoothing and shortening the peaks and valleys of sharp transitions and extended periods of extreme climatic events.

To help see the connections more clearly, check out the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel”.  It will be an eye opener for you, now that you know what to look for.

No matter if an industrialist or environmentalist, protect your lifestyle by protecting your forests and environment.

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